West Bend’s Mike Schuster featured in 1913 Harley-Davidson restoration film

July 18, 2021 – West Bend, WI – In August 2008, a story was posted in Around the Bend by Judy Steffes about a unique Harley-Davidson motorcycle on display at West Bend.

It was a 1913 Forecar 9G that had been fully restored by owner Mike Schuster.

“The gray-colored battleship Harley was bequeathed to me in 1967 by my grandfather,” Schuster said of the pedal-start motorcycle rescued from World War I scrap metal by a starter store in Milwaukee.

Mike Schuster, Harley-Davidson motorcycle

“My grandfather, J. Ally Schuster, acquired the motorcycle and never used it, but stored it at the north end of the stable adjacent to his engine repair garage in Goldendale in the village. of Germantown, ”said Schuster.

County Fair

“When my grandfather realized he was dying in 1964 he took the motorcycle down from the hayloft to the stable and when I got home from school I was given a camera and I was told to take a picture of the bike sitting in the front yard. “

schuster motorcycle

Schuster spent most of 40 years restoring the motorcycle. Now this rare motorcycle and Schuster’s story are part of a movie.

Tommy schwai

Walter: The missing link – Discovery of a century-old motorcycle », a feature-length documentary that chronicles the life and times of the last known Harley-Davidson motorcycle truck. A remarkable motorcycle… affectionately known as Walter.

Walter’s producer is The Edge Ltd., an independent production company established in 1989 by James Cutting.

“The documentary traces this unique 1913 service motorcycle, delivering through the streets of old Milwaukee, through 40 years of desolation stored in a stable, then another 40 years of meticulous restoration by J Ally Schuster and his grandson Michael, becoming ultimately a motorcycle artefact recognized over 100 years later. “

Celebrate Milwaukee history with the documentary Walter premiere on September 2, 2021 at the Turner Hall Ballroom, 1040 North Vel Phillips Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Click on HERE for details and tickets as the film stops at West Bend.

Cover photo and video courtesy of Jim Cutting.

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