Sole proprietorship 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS ticks all the boxes for a full restoration candidate

In 1968, most people who wanted a Chevrolet Camaro ended up getting the base model, as the GM brand had built over 159,000 such units.

The RS was obviously less common, with production figures indicating that almost 41,000 cars ended up getting this sporty upgrade. And speaking of a sportier attitude, the SS was even rarer, as it made up less than 28,000 units out of the 235,000 Camaros built for the 1968 AM.

The icing on the cake was the Z28, which this time was actually included in Chevrolet marketing materials after it was previously sold to a handful of customers who had only heard of this special model from dealerships exclusively.

So here we have a 68 Camaro SS which is still as original as it gets, at least according to its owner. EBay seller ahut5006 claims the car is powered by the original 350 V8 engine which was installed under the hood by Chevrolet itself in 1968, although we are not told if the corresponding numbered powertrain still works.

On the other hand, you really shouldn’t be very surprised if you don’t. The Camaro is clearly not in its best shape, and a makeover is just what it needs.

But the good news is that he ticks all the boxes whenever he’s a strong candidate for restoration. So, in addition to all original and matching V8 numbers, the one-owner Camaro also comes complete with full documentation since its inception, including the build sheet and owner’s manual.

The odometer reads just over 90,000 miles (145,000 km), and of course they’re all original.

The only flaw, and we would say it’s a major flaw, is the price. Although it is listed on eBay as part of an unqualified auction, meaning whoever sends the highest bid can take the car home, the starting bid is way too ambitious. given the current condition of the Camaro. The seller expects to get at least $ 15,000 for this SS.

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