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The loss of the Celoron highway garage creates many questions that village officials will need to answer quickly as winter approaches.

How quickly can the garage be rebuilt? How much existing equipment can be saved? Can the village acquire new equipment in time for the winter if necessary? If the village shares the equipment with neighboring municipalities, can the village work still be completed on time?

These are all important questions, but we would like to add one to the village list: Was this fire an opportunity for Celoron to share a highway building with a neighbor?

Celoron is part of the Township of Ellicott, making the town a potential partner. In terms of proximity, Lakewood makes sense. Either way, we wonder if the cost of rebuilding the Celoron Highway garage makes sense for a small village. The surrounding municipalities have undertaken to come to the aid of Celoron for the loss of its building and its equipment. In our opinion, the debate should not be when the garage is rebuilt, but whether the garage should be rebuilt.

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