Repairify Awarded Patent for Remote Diagnostics Technology Books

Repairify, Inc. d / b / a ASTECHA portfolio of the company Kinderhook and achievement Press: July 22 announced the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded patent does not see what Repairify. 16 / 202,642, for remote diagnostics ante.

The patent to do so directed Repairify is Disrupting technology industry, including systems and methods that allow ASE use of technicians to a mobile device to read a vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN), and transmit the VIN diagnostic database and assist in determining whether it is original equipment manufacturing (OEM) is a diagnostic tool — — an aftermarket tool required for proper diagnosis and / or repair of the vehicle.

For this reason they need more technicians are able to choose one line and / or aftermarket remote diagnostic tools for the diagnosis of efficient and safe vehicles.

“ASTECH’s game-changing technology industry by providing unique functionality to access vital information through OEM and aftermarket objects of remote diagnostics, and the newest technology and protecting patent will help us”, said Hollingsworth CrisPresident of Repairify, Inc. “ASE technicians, and the ability to quickly access need is the right diagnostic tools to more accurately and safely address unique functionalities of the vehicle repair data. This is the last of the patent, giving, at least one strategic competitive to the degree accelerating our solutions and offerings all ecosystem choice. “

The patent expected to be directed to the faces that are kind of technology Repairify’s character is launching a new ASTECH solution to the automotive aftermarket industry later this summer. The vehicles will be produced speech more accurately, “aftermarket, remote diagnostics and keygen im needs of the three most important automotive repair parts, carrying speed, mechanical, and glass.

These innovations further expand and accelerate to assist Repairify own proprietary tools, technology and service offerings in Europe and the Americas.

Source: Repairify

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