Music GKN accelerating the development of advanced 800V next generation technologies eDrive

GKN his music accelerating the development of the next generation eDrive technologies is increasing rapidly, in response to the global electrified vehicles in demand.

These future systems utilizing 800V technologies are already at an advanced development times, in a real-world conditions and tested. GKN music as we now need to cooperate to bring about the need for the production of these advanced eDrive systems.

The sooner, the life of a future event a 800V, charging no promise of the previous time EDrive the recipe. Systems is greater than the driving range to be increased efficiencies to lead to the fact that it produces. In order to get to use the less able to do of affecting factors to be with child of the bed, the price of complexity, and weight dapibus augue.

GKN Automotive’s rapid development for the next generation increased by eDrive Systems is a partner in the Formula E to Quattro Racing. To improve efficiency constant testing and to extend range performance competitive, batteries are in the world beyond the electric fields produced directly from motorsport to the road race.

Technology currently being developed will likely be available in Quattro racing cars in the near future, only three years.

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