How to organize a successful garage sale

You know the old adage: One man’s trash is another’s treasure. This is the essential idea of ​​any good label sale, a subject Beautiful House own style director Robert Rufino knows this well, having hosted an annual July 4th garage sale for years. While one can hardly characterize Rufino’s business as rubbish (fans come from afar to buy the wares he and his stylish friends say), he Is have key knowledge on how to make your wares more like a treasure in the eyes of potential buyers. Yes, if you are really looking to maximize your garage sale, it will take a little more effort than throwing the boxes from your attic onto the lawn and collecting the cash. Hopeful sales hosts should approach the event with care and planning. After all, says Rufino, “it’s about giving new life to your business.” Here are the most important considerations.

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First of all: no one will come to your sale if they don’t know! Spread the word with flyers around your city in the week leading up to the event and share them on social media as well (previews during setup are always enticing). For Rufino’s label sale, he and his co-hosts are spreading the word via “Instagram, Craigslist and word of mouth.” Make sure you clearly state the location, time, and payment methods for the sale (do you take Venmo or is it cash only?).

Make sure the items are clean and functional

No one wants to pay for a broken blender or a cracked mirror. Before placing your goods, make sure that they are clean and functional, as Rufino does. A good label sale, he notes, can be “a lot of prep work.” But that’s how you get the big wins!

Organize by category

On that note, if you expect visitors to fork out cash, treat the sale as you would any other type of shopping experience. Arrange the items on tables, tarps or shelves so that they are easily visible and organize them by category. This way, not only are your buyers more likely to spot several things they like, but you’ll also have an easier time directing anyone who asks where to find something specific. In addition, several areas maintain an efficient flow when the sale is crowded.

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Mark prices

Speaking of efficiency, clearly stated prices make it easy for buyers to make decisions without having to come to you for every part.

Know your limits

That said, part of the fun of selling labels is negotiating a bit, so expect your buyers to want to haggle a bit. It can be helpful to know your lowest price for certain items, so that you are prepared to offer discounts (or not!). If you expect to haggle, mark your prices a little higher than your lowest number; if you don’t want the wiggle room, you can put up signs that say the prices are firm.

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Offer help

Enthusiastic shoppers can browse a good label sale for hours, but will stop picking up items when they have their hands full. Avoid this by handing out shopping baskets or bags, or offering to keep items somewhere for shoppers to pick up when they’re done.


Do you want to organize a sale but you are worried that you will not have enough products to offer? Join your friends or neighbors, like Rufino does. “When you do it with friends, everyone brings their treasures,” he says. In addition, this way the installation and cleaning tasks are divided and you spend a day outside with friends, in addition to bringing home some money. Win-win!

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