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ICC-Commonwealth, an expert in the restoration and preservation of historic structures, returned to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse to complete the long-awaited work.

Last spring, ICC came to Corolla to restore the iron belt lower courses of the 145-year-old headlight and to remove the cast iron parts of the roof support cornice system for a redesign. The workers left in March of the same year with the cornice pieces, brackets and headers that were in better condition (on the southwest side of the lighthouse) and sent them to a foundry in Richmond. They planned to return within six weeks with the original and newly remelted parts to replace and / or repair the system that connects the copper roof to the lantern glass. As COVID-19 began to spread, ICC’s return – and the entire project – was delayed.

ICC returned in July and started work on the ledge. They will replace the 16 pieces of roof cornice and ladder bars, 10 of the brackets and seven of the headers. Next, they will finalize repairs to the lantern wall that surrounds the original first-rate Fresnel lens of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse by insulating the dissimilar metals around the glass windows. In years past, they only insulated metals around windows that had cracked from rust caused by iron hitting bronze; this year they will finish the job.

Ahead of ICC’s return, Outer Banks environmentalists added another project to its contract: repairing the cast iron studs of the tower’s five large windows, replacing the rusty wrought-iron slats of the first window with stainless steel, isolate dissimilar metals and repair wooden window frames. .

Sponge Jet technology, a reusable abrasive surface preparation system, will be used to remove rust and paint from original roof parts and window slats.

ICC-Commonwealth (then International Chimney Corporation) is renowned for having successfully relocated the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1999. This is its fourth major project at Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

Outer Banks Conservationists (OBC) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that owns and operates the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. This restoration project is funded in part by the Marion Stedman Covington Foundation, the United States Lighthouse Society, the Outer Banks Lighthouse Society and supporters of the OBC.

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse was first lit on December 1, 1875; it illuminated the remaining “dark space” between the Cape Henry and Bodie Island lighthouses. The lighthouse is maintained as an active aid to navigation today, seen up to 18 nautical miles offshore. It is open to the public for rock climbing between mid-March and December 1 of each year. In addition to the 162-foot-high brick-and-mortar tower, visitors can experience the mid-19e Century Lighthouse complex, which includes the 1876 Double Keeper’s House, the smaller Little Keeper’s House (now a museum shop), warehouse, unique elliptical brick path, and on-site two-person restrooms – all fully restored and maintained by OBC. Follow restoration updates and learn more about the site’s history on Currituck Beach Lighthouse social media and on



Nominations are now open for the Coastland Gold 2021 People’s Choice Awards

The number of visitors is on the rise for the Outer Banks national parks

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GENERATIONS: Will I be doing another garage sale? Sat, 28 Aug 2021 12:50:00 +0000

The little cabin on our property was in urgent need of serious cleaning, and the preparation for a sale served two important purposes. It would help me downsize and organize the contents of the cabin, and it would allow me to clean and rearrange the small building so that it could be used as a guest bedroom.

The cabin has been unavailable to guests for a few years, serving more as a storage shed for items not moved from the old house to the new house 10 years ago. I had bought used shelves to store the books and packed other items but the cubicle was cluttered and in need of a good cleaning.

When my neighbor decided to organize a garage sale, I made a commitment to hold one on the same days. That would give me a deadline for a lot of the sorting and organizing. I separated the cabin and got to work, moving objects away from the walls, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, disinfecting, throwing and sorting: Garbage? Garage sale item? Don? Take advantage of? And sometimes, “Oh, so that’s where it happened!” ”

It was great tackling the task, sifting through the memories, and shrinking down at the same time. I spent long, hot, sweltering days in the cabin. It was a lot of work – often physical labor – but it was also rewarding. The place started to look like a cabin instead of an episode of Hoarders.

Soon my four tables were filled with items. I needed more space. Then I realized that I am married to a carpenter and we have several pieces of scaffolding. Gary set up a few sections in front of the cab and even took out a few power tools from his store to put them up for sale. In no time, the vertical posts of the scaffolding were filled with hangers for shirts, sweaters, and even a few winter coats, and tools and sporting goods filled the planks.

The day before the garage sale, I organized and evaluated the items until 1:30 am. I had four main prizes: 25 cents, $ 1, or fill a bag for a fixed amount, the fourth prize was the popular “FREE!” I wasn’t going to get rich, but my goal was to find new homes for items that could still be used.

Among the customers were neighbors from the neighborhood whose names I recognized in mailboxes, but people whom I had never officially met. Small chats with strangers led to some commonalities, finding out that we grew up in the same part of the state or that our kids went to school together. People seemed so much friendlier than at previous clearance sales. Perhaps last year’s COVID restrictions contributed to our eagerness to converse and interact.

Most “buyers” spent a few dollars; some did not but still discussed and wished me good luck by thanking them for coming. Some people were happy to find items that matched exactly what they needed. The retired English teacher in me found it rewarding when people sorted through my “library” and picked out the books that interested them.

Several men stopped by throughout the three days – just as eager to “sell” as the women. Gary’s reasonably priced used tools were very popular: an arc welder sold almost immediately; then a hand sander, a bolster and a compressor.

The days were busy and exhausting. People were coming and going, taking things that I had clung to, thinking that someday I could fix up those rocking chairs or sew something with those scraps of fabric or read those unread books. By the end of the third day, I was physically exhausted but happy to see space opening up in the cabin. I had gotten rid of a lot of things, had met some interesting people and had really had fun.

Will I ever have another garage sale? Maybe not, but I won’t say never.

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Canada to participate in Mexico-US auto-spit on third party Sat, 28 Aug 2021 12:44:23 +0000

Canada participated in a third party in disputes between the United States and Mexico over the rules governing cars traffic in North America, avoiding direct conflict with the Biden administration before the elections next month, while still showing concern about the state of the US.

Mexico last week requested formal consultations with the US to settle a disagreement on how to measure regional content for cars trade at duty free. The US insists on a stricter method than Mexico and Canada believe to have agreed to the origin of computing components of certain cores including devices, transmissions and steering systems in overall computation, people familiar with the matter said next month.

The US position on the rules of the trade deal, which is known as the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, could prompt automakers to abandon the country because of heavy and expensive content requirements, Luz Maria de la Mora, Mexico’s undersecretary of foreign economy and trade, said in an interview this week.

“We know the importance of auto industry workers in Canada and the Canadian economy,” Michel Cimpaye, spokesman for global affairs management, said in an emailed response to questions Friday. “Canada has advised the US and Mexico to have third party consultations in mind. We are continuing to work on these and other major industry issues.

Bloomberg reported last month that Mexico, Canada and all automakers have been aligned against the Biden administration’s regulations.

Orolia adds a new GNSS simulator to the BroadSim product line Wed, 25 Aug 2021 05:00:50 +0000

BroadSim Solo enables the creation of advanced GNSS scenarios on the engineer’s desktop

Orolia Defense & Security released the latest addition to its GNSS simulator family – BroadSim Solo – at the Institute of Navigation Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) taking place this week in Covington, Kentucky.

The Solo joins the BroadSim line of Skydel-powered GNSS simulators, which includes models suitable for hardware-in-the-loop and multi-element / Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) testing.

Live demonstrations of BroadSim Solo are taking place in the JNC exhibition hall at Orolia Defense & Security booth # 117 until August 26. Orolia provides M-code solutions for resilient positioning, navigation and synchronization.

BroadSim Solo shares the same Skydel simulation engine that runs on a standard BroadSim, BroadSim Anechoic, and BroadSim Wavefront. It supports the advanced scenario-building features and benefits provided by a software-defined architecture, such as high dynamics, iteration update rate of 1000Hz, and ultra-low latency of 5ms. .

Photo: Orolia

Almost any civilian GNSS signal can be generated through Solo’s single RF output (one frequency band at a time), as well as jamming or impersonation signals and the AES GPS M code. AES is an encryption method; rather than using MNSA encryption, it is possible to use AES for testing purposes only.

BroadSim Solo’s compact form factor is designed to eliminate clutter, fitting comfortably into a typical office or workstation. In addition, Solo addresses the ongoing challenge engineers face in terms of laboratory capacity and availability.

“Creating complex test cases can be a tedious process, especially when emulating challenging environments,” said Tim Erbes, director of engineering for Orolia Defense & Security. “The ability to script on your desktop frees up a lot of lab time and space to run these important simulations. In addition, scenario creation is no longer limited to one person attached to a system. Imagine a team of engineers, each with a BroadSim Solo, simultaneously building tests. Have a whole fleet of BroadSim Solos? It changes the game.

BroadSim Solo with the Skydel simulation engine offers an intuitive user interface, a full API supporting Python, C ++ and C #, as well as automation tools and custom plugins that will speed up development cycles, increase performance and ultimately boost innovation.

“In an effort to improve the customer experience and extend the reach of advanced GNSS simulators, we wanted to offer an affordable solution with all of the same basic features as our most advanced BroadSim systems,” said Tyler Hohman, product manager for Orolia Defense & Security. “This gives our customers the opportunity to put more simulators in the hands of engineers and scientists without sacrificing capabilities. Our hope is that customers will find value in a scalable simulation ecosystem based on their needs. “

Photo: Orolia

Photo: Orolia

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Three trends reshaping the future need retail – Retail sales Innovation Hub Wed, 25 Aug 2021 04:56:08 +0000

The grid will retail for one thing – it makes it more convenient transfer of customers.

And now the process of buying a car buyer with the place where they have to the retail and automotive.

Car shopping online ad push in test drives and virtual stay here and I love her customers. Buying a car has become a seamless process. Only need to change the time that the encouraging trends.

1. A more focused approach lorem

For long celibate, are associated with buying cars pushy salespeople.

Car sellers to capture the customer focused approach is not excluded that mentality changes, and making a car purchase process is very simple. In one way, these are not, for they are in one of the tunic was seamless, the process of combining offline and online journey.

Digital car-buying spaces are becoming average. And eliminate associated with selling pressure sales tactics and classic vehicles. From the end user’s shopping experience power belongs to the mainstream.

With the knowledge, the genuine knowledge of the distressed in the purchase, as was the custom, and that which it receives the decision. Able to complete the redemption of the shopping store or the completion of all online – finding the car customizing it getting financing and do act up.

The car showroom has moved online. More and more dealerships that have showrooms right online offer test drives to car buyers never have to leave their homes.

2. Looking beyond the sale

The way people move around changed massively in recent years, and even more change. For the time being, the focus of the car stores in use to sellIt is not like selling a car. Try to form real connections of production and after the sale.

And it becomes a part of the retailers are getting closer to the human being first of his life, not to be able to for a long time before buying a car. Tomorrow consumers know he wishes to read them when it comes time to buy a car.

Some companies are creating a unique car that draws attention away from the kind of lifestyle – a lifestyle car buyers can have a comparatively not tailgating camp. To attract more customers, some dealerships are integrating shops partnering with other retailers, will offer better deals.

3. A digital ecosystem

Than simply to go back to the ideas of retailers to sell to sell cars. creating the digital ecosystem assembles the various offices of the composite.

Many in-car retail stores that have joined own services, cashless parking and car sharing. While these things are a part of them in your car, the majority of the contribution for the benefit of the whole of these firebrands, the days are limited.

Now stores educating customers about auto tech, mobility and future cars.

For example, the center of the city, in the grace of the memory of them is lost, and thou hast destroyed the foundation of the BMW, which acts as a massage provides an abundance of in-space-at least, and caught it, and burn their chariots installations. The company gives way to pick up the new service will incorporate input.

By means of the first part of the automotive retail customers to remain faithful to the tech that allow me to be the way they want to shop. It also increases to customers and to connect brands brand obligated to serve.

And it is time to change, the world will need at retail. This is the starting point.

JE Hitt Garage celebrates 75 years by cutting the ribbon | New Wed, 25 Aug 2021 04:30:00 +0000

JE Hitt Garage is celebrating 75 years in business and hosted a ribbon cutting event on Friday August 20 to mark the occasion. The ribbon cutting was organized by the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. House Speaker Thomas Newbrough also presented Cortney Harris and Christian Hitt with their father’s businessman of the year award.

Tim Hitt was posthumously named Businessman of the Year in 2020. Hitt had owned and operated the JE Hitt Garage since 1992, although the company had been in business since 1946. During the open house of the House, held last year, Kevin Stalnaker said Hitt took customer service seriously because he knew his customers were like family.

“But Hitt’s reputation wasn’t just in auto repair. He was an excellent track racing car driver, tearing up the local racing scene for many years and racing throughout the South and Midwest, competing on the short track auto racing series circuit, ”Stalnaker told the guests, adding that Hitt had been inducted into the Elkins Engine. The Speedway Wall of Legends in 2019.

“… Those who really knew Tim Hitt would call him legend for much more personal reasons.” He was a trusted friend who would help a family member or friend with any project. Tim’s positive effect on Lewis County will last for generations. We’re all better because he was here, ”Stalnaker said.

Newbrough also acknowledged Hitt’s contributions to the Lewis County community during the ribbon cutting.

“We celebrate him for his work in expanding the garage, his work in the community and his role so important in the region. We miss him dearly and hope the family can accept this award on his behalf, ”said Newbrough.

JE Hitt Garage offers everything from bodywork and auto repairs, to auto detailing and towing. Founded by James E Hitt or “Red”, it started out as a salvage yard where you could find used parts for your automobile. Eventually, Red’s son, James E “Jim” Hitt, took over the business and expanded it, with the addition of a machine shop in 1992. Timothy “Tim” Hitt succeeded Jim and made of the company what it is today. It upgraded the body shop to include a state-of-the-art paint booth, high-end alignment shop, and a recently opened full-service automotive retail shop.

“Now spanning four generations, we have two owners, Cortney Harris and David Harris. Cortney worked as a store manager in the past before working as an analyst for the FBI for almost 10 years before returning. David Harris worked for over 15 years as a registered nurse at Mon Health before making the sizeable leap into running a business. We thank them and the entire JE Hitt Garage family for continuing to serve their customers and our community, ”said Newbrough.

Lewis County Commission Chairman Rod Wyman read a proclamation in honor of the local business, and Weston Mayor Kim Harrison-Edwards praised the owners and staff for their continued commitment to their customers and the County of Lewis.

Harris thanked the chamber for hosting the event “at the last minute”.

“We have really big shoes to fill,” she said.

Newbrough concluded the ceremony by also thanking them for all the company has accomplished and contributed over the past 75 years.

We are so grateful to be here today to celebrate with all of you, and we are so grateful for all that JE Hitt Garage LLC has done for its customers, the business community, and our region as a whole. We celebrate this momentous occasion with you and wish you many years of success to come, ”he said.

A barbecue followed the ceremony.

JE Hitt’s Garage and Body Shop is located at 441 US Highway 19 North in Weston. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. For more information on services, visit or call 304-269-2123.

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With increased revenues and federal funding, Boulder will restore services and plan longer term projects Wed, 25 Aug 2021 03:43:42 +0000

With $ 20 million in the American Rescue Plan Act and higher than expected revenues in 2021, Boulder intends to restore a number of services that were cut during the pandemic and to hire additional staff to help qu ‘he can do it.

Due to the financial impact of the pandemic, the city has been forced to cut staff positions, postpone capital projects, offer fewer in-person services and reduce maintenance.

Largely because of this, some $ 2 million of federal dollars has been designated as gap funding for immediate needs, staff shared Tuesday at a Boulder city council study session.

Library Specialist Laney Jones tidies up books in the holds section of the Boulder Public Library Meadows branch on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 in Boulder, Colo. (Timothy Hurst / Staff Photographer)

According to Mark Woulf, senior director of economic vitality and business services, the most important need is in the city’s Recreation Fund. Pending official approval from city council, the Parks and Recreation Department is expected to receive $ 600,000 in ARPA funds.

“We would use the funds we receive to increase the hours of operation of recreation centers, water activities, health and wellness classes and age subsidies,” the spokesperson said. Jonathan Thornton in an email. “We would also restore funding for youth programs in the areas of child care, swimming lessons, EXPAND programming and the Youth Services Initiative (YSI). “

When considering how to spend the more than $ 15 million earmarked for longer-term projects, board members agreed that staff are generally on the right track in focusing on public health and safety, the affordability and access to services, as well as community and economic resilience.

Compared to the CARES Act, the first round of federal funding that was distributed in 2020, ARPA dollars can be used for broader purposes, and Boulder has more time to spend the money. This round of funding is to be initiated by 2024 and spent by 2026, while the CARES Act dollars were to be spent or returned by the end of 2020.

Because of this, Boulder says he wants to think about how he is spending the money, Woulf said on Tuesday.

“We want to take the time to leverage these dollars,” he said.

This long-term funding could lead to the expansion of mental and behavioral health services, equitable access to utilities and city services in underserved areas of Boulder, and planning for phase two of the Boulder project. the city’s community fiber, which would extend broadband connectivity into the city.

In terms of projects like these, several board members advocated using the funding to support new projects.

“I think it’s perfectly normal to put in place new pilots with some of this funding,” said board member Aaron Brockett. “Especially in the area of ​​drug addiction and mental health treatment; these are areas of deep underinvestment in our society and our community. These are entire categories of services that we do not offer in this area.

The city also recommends setting aside $ 1 million for public health needs and an additional $ 1 million for emerging needs, given the uncertain nature of the future.

“Everything seems to change on a daily basis,” Woulf said.

While board members agreed with this, several recommended reducing the potential uses of the million dollars that will be set aside for any emerging need. They argued that it is particularly important to do so before the election of a new city council later this year.

In addition to federal funding, Boulder is doing better than expected in terms of revenue. The city expects to bring in around $ 157 million, or $ 10 million more than its budget, according to information presented during Tuesday’s study session.

As such, he plans to adjust his budget to use city funds to bring back staff and services cut off during the pandemic.

The Boulder Public Library System, for example, is expected to receive $ 258,387 to fund a manager, specialists, handlers and librarians for George Reynolds and Meadows Branch Libraries as well as a bilingual specialist at NoBo Corner Library. The library will receive an additional $ 38,295 to fund a library operational resource manager to oversee system-wide utilities.

The city’s initial 2022 budget will be released next week and is expected to be presented to Council in September.

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Music Estienne (ABC) Hammer sees the appearance tremendas Map Example: Time to buy? – September 23, 2021 Mon, 23 Aug 2021 09:17:05 +0000

Estienne Music Group, Inc. (ABG Free Report) have recently been struggling, but at the end of the selling pressure may be coming soon. And since the whole ABG, which is a copy of the recently, I saw a Hammer of the Charter of the stock of which is not to indicate that He was coming to the bottom.

What is the hammer of the paper pattern?

From the chart technical indicator of the hammer, the common that they do not: for they shall be made in the form of charting. The stock Tumbles it with a hammer during the day, and the strength and finds at some point in the session to close near or above its opening price. This form is just a stand, such as a hammer, and found low can suggest that the money in the stock market and better day ahead.

another factor

Plus, the rising of the earnings are the opinions of the for they were not here, and not in spite of the late breaks The sluggish trading. And just over the past 60 days 7 estimates only went higher, not less compared to the consensus estimate of movement in the right direction.

He came out of existing only by the claims which now stock a Zacks Rank # 1 (Strong Buy), according to the plan that may be out of stock for a break on the unloved quickly. This will be especially true if you can build momentum here and find a way of ABC stock to continue trading higher ground on this encouraging development. you can see the # 1 is a complete list of Zacks Rank stocks today.

Cutlery and hand tool market trends involve the manufacture of metal additives Mon, 23 Aug 2021 09:09:00 +0000

Cutlery and Hand Tools Market Report 2021: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030

The Business Research Company Global Cutlery and Hand Tools Market Report 2021: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, 23 Aug 2021 / – Metal additive manufacturing is an emerging trend in the cutlery and hand tool market. The demand for metal additive manufacturing is increasing around the world, especially in countries like Germany, Japan, China and India. Metal additive manufacturing is a 3D printing technology used to make the final product by stacking layers of material and then polishing to a seamless look. In 2016, according to the KPMG report, 26% of global metallurgical company executives said they had already introduced 3D printing technologies for metal additive manufacturing, and 27% of them said they planned to invest more in the future. Increased investment in metal additive manufacturing technology further leads to process improvements and lower production costs in related manufacturing industries.

The cutlery and hand tools market comprises the sales of cutlery and hand tools by entities (organizations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships) that are engaged in one or more of the following fields: kitchen of metal (except those produced by molding (eg stoves) or stamped without other manufacture), utensils and / or cutlery and cutlery of non-precious and precious metal plated; manufacture of saw blades of all types (including those for power sawing machines); and the manufacture of non-motorized hand and cutting tools.

The major players in the global cutlery and hand tools market are Snap-on Inc, Stanley Black & Decker Inc, Brüder Mannesmann AG, Acme United Corporation.

Learn more about the Global Cutlery and Hand Tools Market report:

The global cutlery and hand tools market is expected to grow from $ 1.40 trillion in 2020 to $ 1.54 trillion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5%. The growth is mainly due to companies reorganizing their operations and recovering from the impact of COVID-19, which previously led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working and the closure of business activities which resulted in operational challenges. The market is expected to reach $ 2.01 trillion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7%.

The cutlery and hand tools market is segmented into kitchen utensils, utensils, cutlery and metal cutlery; saw blade and hand tool, and segmented by application in household, commercial.

Global Cutlery and Hand Tools Market Report 2021: Impact and Recovery of COVID-19 through 2030 is part of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides an overview of the cutlery market and Cutlery and Hand Tools Market size and growth for the Overall Market, Cutlery and Hand Tools market segments, and geographies, market trends cutlery and hand tools, cutlery and hand tools market drivers, restraints, revenues, profiles and market shares of major competitors.

Request for Sample of Global Cutlery and Hand Tools Market Report:

Here is a list of similar reports from the Business Research Company:
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Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report 2021: Growth and Evolution of COVID-19 to 2030

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Europe Garage Door Market Analysis & Outlook 2021-2026 Report: Sectional, Rolling, Top to Bottom, Side Hinge & Side Slide Mon, 23 Aug 2021 08:50:00 +0000

DUBLIN, August 23, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Europe Garage Door Market – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026” report was added to offer.

The European garage door market is expected to reach USD 2.87 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.68%.

Garage doors from all segments have an established market across Europe, driven by demand for new units. The growing demand for energy efficient doors is driving the global trend towards energy conservation. Builders are incorporating high efficiency garage doors into their portfolio, providing consumers with improved thermal efficiency and lower costs.

The government promotes innovative commercial windows and doors to promote high energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint. Due to expected changes in energy consumption policies by government agencies, the European garage door market is expected to experience increased demand.

Automated and remote-controlled operations are the latest technological advancements that are likely to gain popularity in the door industry. There is also a wide range of research and development investments in the market regarding the disruption of demand and supply of resources. The UK was the largest market for the window and door market in Europe in 2020.

Europe Garage Door Market Segmentation Analysis

The demand for sectional doors is growing rapidly as one of the most popular choices among consumers and will continue to grow during the forecast period. In terms of design options, sectional doors have more room for customization, as they have a wide range of design differences, while rolling doors have a limited design.

In terms of the material used, aluminum doors remain the favorable option in commercial spaces as they are lighter than steel and iron and are also naturally resistant to corrosion and rust and offer good durability and strength. . The demand for wood materials was higher in Western Europe and the Nordic countries.

Geographic analysis

The UK has the largest share of the European garage door market, due to the installation of doors in new construction and renovation activities. In Germany, factors such as low interest rates, a growing immigrant population and job security are supporting construction growth which, in turn, will increase the demand for garage doors in the country. In the emerging regions of Central and Eastern Europe, the rapid development of infrastructure and construction is driving the growth of the garage door market.

Supplier analysis

The garage door market in Europe is highly fragmented with several established manufacturers holding a significant share. Following the regional trend in energy saving, suppliers are integrating high performance doors into their product portfolio. Supplier growth depends on market conditions, technological innovations and industry development.

The main players in the European garage door market are Garador, Hormann, Novoferm, Teckentrup. Vendors must continue to grow through acquisitions as there are many small players active in cities and small regions. Vendors should focus on improving their geographic presence by finding partners in emerging countries.

Leading suppliers

  • Garador

  • Hormann

  • Novoferm

  • Teckentrup

Other important suppliers

  • Alluguard

  • Assa Abloy

  • Alulux

  • Birkdale

  • Came

  • Cedar door

  • Erreca

  • Gliderol

  • Jeld-Wen

  • Kruzik

  • Nassau Gate

  • Attractive

  • Rundum Meir

  • Ryterna

  • Silvelox

  • SWS

  • VKR holdings

  • Woodrite Doors

  • Alutech

  • Raynor

  • Doorhan

Main topics covered:

1 Research methodology

2 Research objectives

3 Research process

4 Scope and coverage

4.1 Market definition

4.2 Reference year

4.3 Scope of the study

4.4 Market segments

5 Hypotheses and caveats in the report

5.1 Key caveats

5.2 Currency conversion

5.3 Market derivation

6 Market overview

7 Presentation

7.1 Overview

7.2 Construction overview in Europe

7.3 Innovation in garage doors

7.4 Impact of COVID-19

8 Market opportunities and trends

8.1 Improved operation and functionality of garage doors

8.2 Investments in Research & Development

9 market growth catalysts

9.1 New construction and increased home improvement activities

9.2 Post-Covid recovery of the European tourism industry

9.3 Increased investment in housing

10 market restrictions

10.1 Commodity price volatility

10.2 Variations in the construction industry

11 Market landscape

11.1 Market Size and Forecast

11.2 Analysis of the five forces

12 types of doors

12.1 Market Overview and Growth Driver (Revenue)

12.2 Market Overview and Growth Engine (Units)

12.3 Market overview

12.4 Sectional garage doors

12.5 Roll-up garage doors

12.6 Overhead garage doors

12.7 Side-hinged garage doors

12.8 Side sliding garage doors

13 Material

13.1 Market Overview and Growth Driver (Revenue)

13.2 Market Overview and Growth Engine (Units)

13.3 Market overview

13.4 Metal

13.5 Wood

13.6 Fiberglass

13.7 Others

14 Operation

14.1 Market Overview and Growth Driver (Revenue)

14.2 Market Overview and Growth Engine (Units)

14.3 Market overview

14.4 Manual

14.5 Automatic

15 End user

15.1 Market Overview and Growth Driver (Revenue)

15.2 Market Overview and Growth Engine (Units)

15.3 Market overview

15.4 Residential

15.5 Commercial

16 Countries

16.1 Market Overview and Growth Driver (Revenue)

16.2 Market Overview and Growth Engine (Units)

16.3 Country overview

16.4 United Kingdom

16.5 Germany

16.6 France

16.7 Italy

16.8 Spain

16.9 Nordic

16.10 Benelux

16.11 Russia

16.12 Poland

17 Competitive landscape

17.1 Competition overview

18 key company profiles

18.1 Garador

18.2 Hormann

18.3 Novoferm

18.4 Teckentrup

19 other major suppliers

19.1 Alluguard

19.2 ASSA Abloy

19.3 Alulux

19.4 Birkdale

19.5 came

19.6 Cedar door

19.7 Erreka

19.8 Gliderol

19.9 Jeld-Wen

19.10 Kruzik

19.11 Nassau Gate

19.12 Nice

19.13 Rundum Meir

19.14 Ryterna

19.15 Silvelox

19.16 SWS

19.17 VKR Holding

19.18 Woodrite Doors

19.19 Alutech

19.20 Raynor

19.21 Doorhan

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