Dua Zahra’s alleged wife moves SHC for protection, unfreezing bank accounts

The Sindh High Court on Friday issued notices to the Attorney General of Pakistan, Solicitor General of Sindh and others on petitions filed by Dua Zahra’s alleged wife and brother-in-law, seeking protection and unfreezing the bank accounts of their family members.

Zaheer Ahmed, alleged wife of Zahra, a teenager from Karachi who married Ahmed of her own free will, and her brother-in-law Shabbir Ahmed, argued in the petitions that the family members’ national identity cards were blocked and their bank accounts were frozen at the request of the police as they searched for missing Zahra.

Their lawyer argued that after Zahra recovered, the case was dismissed and the High Court allowed the teenager to decide who she intended to stay with. They said that the police and other authorities had been approached for the unblocking of the national identity cards of the petitioners’ family members and the unblocking of their bank accounts, but that no action was taken in this regard. regard.

He said this because of the blocking of identity cards and the freezing of bank accounts of the petitioners and his family members. they suffered an irreparable loss and it was not possible to manage their livelihood. He maintained that the act of the respondents was contrary to the fundamental rights of the applicants and capable of being invalidated. The court was requested to order the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Pakistan to immediately unfreeze the CNICs and unfreeze the bank accounts of the claimants and their family members.

In another petition filed by Zaheer Ahmed, the petitioners argued that Zahra’s family was trying to sever their sacred bond with Zahra with bad faith intent and ulterior motives. He maintained that the police had already settled the case against him after his wife declared that she had not been abducted. He claimed that the police had again opened an investigation on the basis of a report from a medical commission and that the police authorities were determined to arrest him.

He asked the court to prevent the police from arresting him for the offense during the validity of the protection bond, which he obtained from a court, and ordered the police to provide him with the necessary protection and possible security due to the extraordinary hype. created by his in-laws in social media. A divisional bench headed by Justice Mohammad Iqbal Kalhoro, after the preliminary hearing of the petitions issued notices to Federal and Provincial Judicial Officers, Sindh IGP and others and called for their comments on 29 July.

Production order

A magistrate on Friday ordered police to present Dua Zahra in court on August 1, when a case involving her alleged abduction and early marriage is set for hearing. The teenager had disappeared from her home in Malir Halt in April and later emerged in Punjab where she claimed to have entered into a voluntary marriage with a man, Zaheer Ahmed.

Saima Kazmi, Zahra’s mother, through her attorney Muhammad Jibran Nasir, filed a petition with Magistrate Court-XXVI (East) Aftab Ahmed Bughio, seeking directions for the concerned authorities to transfer her daughter to a center Child Welfare in Karachi and present her in court.

The lawyer said that under Rule 9 of the Sindh Child Marriage Restriction Rules 2016, the magistrate, having jurisdiction over the police station where the incident was reported, can order that the minor daughter to be brought in court if he believes that any breach of the Protection of Child Marriage Act 2013 may be committed.

He said the Sindh High Court on Thursday granted a plea from Zahra’s parents, asking for the girl’s transfer from Lahore to Karachi where her guardians reside and where the case is pending. Nasir said strangers are seeking permission to meet Zahra at Darul Aman in Lahore, which creates the possibility that the girl will be put under pressure.

District Attorney Muhammad Younus said the investigator was given directions to comply with the CHS order.

Citing Rule 16 of the Sindh Child Marriage Restriction Rules 2016, the magistrate said that in a case where confidential information is provided by anyone acting in the interest of a minor that a breach of law could be committed, the court must ensure that it or its production in order to protect it from victimization.

Noting that the CHS has already issued guidelines to move the girl from Lahore to Karachi, it has ordered the new investigator, Saeed Rind, to present Zahra before it at the next court date when the case is set for submission. of the final charge. sheet.

A day ago, the CHS ruled that Zahra cannot be allowed to live alone after being separated from her spouse until she comes of age and the ongoing case in Karachi is finally settled.