Dindigul police freeze 178 ganja smugglers’ bank accounts

District police have frozen the bank accounts of 178 people, who were found to be in possession of ganja and other narcotic substances, Police Superintendent V Baskaran said on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, he said police teams had booked 80 cases of ganja and arrested 150 people. A total of 319 kg of ganja was seized and several vehicles were seized. An investigation indicated that the smugglers handed over the money to the bank accounts of their relatives.

Recently, Inspector General of Police (South Zone) Asra Garg told Madurai media that the police will eliminate the threat of ganja with an iron fist. According to the laws, the money from the sale of narcotic substances must be frozen. Real estate and other valuables are also seized in accordance with the laws.

Taking example, the police have stepped up vigilance and also trained sub-divisional task forces in each district.

Since January, the SP added, 158 cases have been recorded and 16 arrested in the district for selling tobacco products banned by the state government. Police seized 5178 kg of prohibited goods worth Rs 28 lakh and seized 14 vehicles.

Three people were detained for selling lottery tickets and the teams seized 372 tickets from them.

Police, along with food security officials, would maintain surveillance of the suspects’ movements, which risked serious legal consequences.

In Theni, Superintendent of Police Praveen Umesh Dongre said he booked 34 cases and arrested 34 people for selling tobacco products banned in the district. Seventeen stores were sealed off by city and food safety officials during the raid. A fine of ₹90,000 was imposed on the shop owners.

The SP said repeat offenders could face harsh measures and border checkpoints would be closely monitored around the clock, according to a statement.