Check Your Bank Statements As The “Google” Scam Grows

Scam involving unauthorized Google fees is hitting more accounts at different banks nationwide.

We first informed you about the scam last month when Chase bank account holders saw the incidental charges.

At that time, the amount we were seeing was still $ 13.01 from Google, followed by a person or company name.

Check Your Bank Statements: Fake Google Charges Appear

But dozens of people have seen our story online and let me know that they too have seen incidentals in the amount of $ 0.99, $ 1.07, $ 5, $ 9.99 and more .

Matthew says he had 13 transactions on his account of $ 0.99 each.

He let me know that his bank in Bastrop, TX had a lot of people complaining about the same Google bogus charges.

While we only saw the fees showing up on Chase accounts early on, that has changed.

Matthew’s account is at a community bank near his home.

People say they’ve seen the fees on Walmart Money cards, CashApp accounts, and even government benefit accounts.

Jovan in Tulsa says he has a Discover account and found a $ 5 incidental charge.

Gabriel says his Bank of America account has been affected on several occasions.

He asks, “what is this?”

Good question. We have repeatedly asked: what is going on?

You think that since the name of Google is being used, Google would like to shed light on this scam. But despite attempts to get answers for you, Google hasn’t even responded to us.

We saw one person get a $ 10 Google refund from a $ 50 dispute.

In most cases, banks will refund the money and send new cards. But some of you have let me know that even that hasn’t stopped him.

One account holder says he got another charge “even after I locked my card”.

Shayla says she got a new card “and now 2 new 0.88 cent fee”.

It’s the same story with David who says the day after getting a new card: “I realized there were more fees.

“The small amount of money, it looks like they’re testing the waters for me,” Matthew says. He says his background is in law enforcement and he wonders what might happen next and why more is not being said now.

“Why are these financial institutions so silent about it? That’s the question of the day,” he asks.

Make sure you double check your bank and credit card statements.

Immediately report any issues and follow up until the charges are removed.

Bank of America didn’t bother to come back with us on this follow-up story.

Chase says: “At the moment, we have nothing more to add, but I hope you can share the information from this link with your viewers.” They sent us this link to share: Worried about a merchant being charged on your debit or credit card? ”

Discover Bank says: “Thank you for reaching out to your viewers. I am not aware that this is a widespread problem with Discover customers and cannot speak specifically to these customers. However, there are several ways for customers to Discover Bank to protect their accounts and our 100% US-based customer service teams are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Here are some of the tools we have available for our customers. clients :

– Activation of account alerts – Customers can configure alerts for real-time monitoring of their account via email, SMS and / or push notification.
– Freeze your debit card – Just like having an on / off switch for our debit card, customers can freeze their card if it is temporarily misplaced or if they suspect fraudulent activity

While we proactively monitor all accounts for potential fraud and alert clients if we see anything unusual, we also offer additional tips / advice on our website here – .com / online-banking / security-center /