BE WARNED: Fraudsters link bank accounts to Ghana card | Bank and finance

The Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) is warning the general public that fraudsters are taking unfair advantage of the link between the Ghana Card and bank accounts.

According to EOCO, fraudsters send messages to suspicious customers demanding their bank details, mobile app PIN and mobile numbers.

In a Thursday, June 30 statement, EOCO said it “noted with great concern the rate at which some members of the general public have become victims of fraudulent banking transactions.”

EOCO warned that “fraudsters have taken advantage of the continued appeal to bank customers to link their accounts to Ghana Card. Regarding bank fraud, fraudulent messages are sent to individuals asking them to click on links in order to update their bank statements.

“Customers are therefore asked to provide their bank account names, mobile numbers, mobile app PIN and one-time password. Some daring scammers even make phone calls to members of the public asking for the aforementioned information.

“Do not click on any links claiming to be from your bank unless you have confirmed your bank.”

Meanwhile, the deadline given by the Bank of Ghana to link the Ghana Card to the bank account is today June 30th.

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