Attacks on bank security outpost and police outpost spark fighting in Kawkayeik T/S

KAYIN——A combined armed group attacked the Myanmar Economic Bank security outpost near Kawkayeik Myoma Police Station in Kayin State and the outskirts with guns yesterday morning, the sources said.

A convoy of a combined armed group wearing the same uniforms arrived at the Myanmar Economic Bank and they opened fire on the security outpost.

“The combined team arrived at the bank in vehicles and they started shooting at the bank’s security outpost. Meanwhile, a team led by the township police major leaving the detention center urgently returned to the bank. However, two convoys collided head-on. Later, there was fighting between two armed groups killing five security personnel, including a police major, and some police officers were also injured,” a person from Kawkayeik Township said.

In addition, the combined armed group seized the weapons of the security personnel.

The local said security personnel opened fire on the Combined Armed Group which retreated along Asia Union Road. Due to the attack with weapons, some houses were set on fire and residents were injured.

During the fighting, a gun blast damaged two houses and two motorbikes in Annkaung village, and then 77-year-old villager Tin Maung was injured.

The Kayen-KNU National Union reported that 12 security personnel, including a police major, died during the Kawkayeik fighting and that the justice officer and a staff member were captured, leaving six firearms were also seized.