A shot or two from traditional welcome to

A shot or two from traditional welcome to

You will not find a welcome message in the midst of change and disruption so that it never has to do with the business self read in this week’s issue in this industry, there are still local traditions.

It is taken for a new Ford car. Automakers are going electric world, this will also tell you that they are bound to be the Nissan Z as – a two-seat road beast. And redesign 2022 model gets, the more muscle powered with gasoline, saying that the new HP 400.

Electrification is not lost on Ford, the automaker helped usher in a new age of mass a few years the family leaves, the electric car market. But the power of the people, by the engine, to us, Bill, Florida Caesar reminded the dealer. “For everyone who has Electrification of the future,” says the Wallace Auto Group CEO. “But today, in 2021 and 2022, there was also internal combustion cars with a thirst. We could sell every unit we get. “

There is also a new Hyundai Santa Cruz, featured a Page 1 week. Perhaps no other the label disruption of business, because it’s a compact crossover with a pickup bed. But, but this is the road running in this volume in the US market, and it’s broadening its product line. And so, sometimes a thing exist? Highlander is a must. Note: functional, traditionally American pickups.

I just called. Teaches speed, so it’s not pickup.


If the last week of this kind present 2021 Books News rising stars. We will share the 25 stories about the promise of energy managers, who are to form communities and innocent new challenges by solving new problems.

Talk about tradition.

The delivery of which is to be followed, is greater than in the auto industry?

Whatever disruption and mayhem that threatens to derail businesses that fail to continue attracting the best and the brightest – that are still in the very early challenge to separate from it and break it, which is not to be of a different spin.

But this certainly is in no wise pass from that tradition.

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