Consumers Bank Loan – is so popular

Like every bank, consumers bank also offers its clients financing and credit products in a variety of ways. One of these types of loans is consumers bank loan, which, as a tailor-made solution, can help to realize desires and dreams. Customers can receive their consumers bank loan in two different ways. It is thus possible to apply for and process […]

Loan as a financial reserve? Options and pros and cons

The main rule associated with financial literacy is the need to create financial reserves. This means that money earned in employment or business should not be spent in the last crown. It is necessary to set aside some of the wage. This is subsequently referred to as the financial reserve. But many people do not follow this path. And there […]

What do lenders consider to be regular income?

Unless you have a real estate of great value, you must always prove your income with classic loans. This is also due to several new legal provisions under which the lender is obliged to check whether his client is able to repay the money without any problems. And just the regular income and its amount is the indicator that is […]

Loan insurance: degressive monthly payments, really interesting?

Capital borrowed or principal outstanding? The method of calculating the cost of the borrower insurance differs between the group contracts and the insurance delegation. In concrete terms, the monthly payments of a group contract are constant because they are based on the initial capital, whereas those of a delegation of insurance are degressive because they are calculated on the outstanding […]

What does ref marking mean in credit information?

Default credit information is a familiar concept to many, but what can I do about my own credit information after the default? And can there be any improvement after debt repayment? If the consumer has paid off the debt in full, the consumer may ask the credit bureau to include a ref in his information. A credit entry in the […]

Methods for problems with loan repayment.

The last issue that the customer thinks about when concluding a contract is solvency trouble. Still, he should be prepared for problems with paying off the loan. In crisis situations, he has several options to choose from. A mortgage for the purchase of an apartment or building a house is usually a commitment that lasts for several dozen years. Precautionary […]

Premium credit card with € 20,000 annual income!

It is a common misconception that a premium credit card can only be obtained if you are a millionaire. Banks’ high net worth customers (= high wealth customers) are usually offered a premium credit card that other customers can’t get. The requirement for such a card can be investments up to a million euros. However, as early as € 20,000 […]

1000 euros credit – wide selection of cheap banks

Would you like to borrow 1000 Euros spontaneously? Do you want an uncomplicated, low-interest installment loan with fast payout and manageable term? Would 24 months be appropriate? Please always compare, even with very small credit. 1000 euros loan amount is not much money. Nevertheless, it does not pay to simply leave small loan requests to the expensive dispo. 1000 Euro […]

As Credit – opinions about payday loan and review.

Krediter is a company that deals with granting non-bank loans in installments. It belongs to Polka Group of Company, already known institution that grants loans and credits online. When we want to use the company’s services, we always submit the application via the Internet. This guarantees us comfort and a minimum of formalities, and hence, a large saving of time. […]