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Krediter is a company that deals with granting non-bank loans in installments. It belongs to Polka Group of Company, already known institution that grants loans and credits online. When we want to use the company’s services, we always submit the application via the Internet. This guarantees us comfort and a minimum of formalities, and hence, a large saving of time.


Krie Loan – Inclusion of various sources of income

Krie Loan - Inclusion of various sources of income

For many loan companies, the only source of income considered is an employment contract. In this way, many potential customers cannot take advantage of the offer, although they could easily refund the amount with interest. As for the Krie Loan, different forms of income are included. This is about any type of contract that involves formal employment. In addition, this non-banking institution adapts to the needs of various clients, which is why a potential borrower may have income even in the form of a pension. Thanks to this, many people who would otherwise be excluded can successfully apply for this type of financial support. If additional documents are needed, the non-banking institution will inform us immediately.

Krediter – up to PLN 15,000 in favorable installments

Krediter - up to PLN 15,000 in favorable installments

When you are thinking about taking out a loan in installments, you should familiarize yourself with what Krie Loan offers us. We can get from 800 to even 15,000 PLN. The repayment period is very favorable – we have from 3 to 36 months to settle the liability. With such a wide range of dates and suggested amounts, we will undoubtedly choose the best offer for us.

If we have any doubts or want to get more information, we can contact the Customer Service Office. We will receive there reliable details that will help us make the right decision.


Requirements in Krie Loan

Requirements in Krie Loan

Krediter is a company which depends on cooperation with reliable clients. That is why it has its requirements for potential borrowers. This is normal for loan companies and understandable given the fact that there are plenty of people who avoid paying their loan installments. It is for this reason that when planning to take out a loan in Krediter, you should check which factors are taken into account when considering your application.

Citizenship is certainly not without significance. Non-bank institutions require customers to have citizenship of the Republic of Poland. Another aspect to consider is age. Krediter grants loans in installments to persons who are over 18 years old and have a PESEL number. It is worth noting that the maximum age of the future customer has not been specified. Thanks to this, the lender does not close to the elderly, who often have problems with obtaining financial support.

Necessary documents for a loan at Krediter

In addition to your PESEL number, you need a certificate of your income. This is very important because the loan company must have grounds to be able to assess whether our funds will allow the entire amount to be paid off, including interest. If there is a need to provide other documents, the loan company shall inform by phone.

It should be mentioned here that entering in the register of debtors does not necessarily mean that we have no chance of an installment loan. Krediter is a loan company that considers each case individually, and thus takes into account various circumstances.

Application process at Krie Credit

Application process at Krie Credit

If we want to take out a loan in Krie Loan, we must first check carefully whether we meet all the conditions that the loan company has introduced. If this is the case, we can move on to specific actions. It is about submitting the application online. We fill out the appropriate form via the lender’s website. There we will find a loan calculator that will help us conveniently adjust the sum of interest to the repayment period that suits us. We will then find out what the total cost of our installments will be. This is very important information, considering the fact that we decide on a long-term commitment. Therefore, we should choose the amounts very responsibly, taking into account our profits and expenses.

Due to the fact that the loan company must be sure with whom it signs the contract, Krediter verifies the identity of its potential clients. We can confirm it online or at the post office. Once we do this, we can wait for the answer. We will receive it very soon. If it is positive, the money will soon go to our account or we will collect it at the post office in the form of a GIRO check. Then we can spend them for any purpose. However, we should remember about timely repayment if we want to avoid additional costs.

Early repayment of Krediter loans

Early repayment of AsKredyt loans

Speaking about the Krediter offer, it is worth mentioning that this lender makes it possible to pay our debt back earlier. What’s more, it has benefits for us. Specifically, it is about reducing the cost of paying back the loan. What sums are we talking about? It depends on the individual situation of the client and the terms of the installment loan he has chosen. Nevertheless, making repayments ahead of schedule will always be a benefit when we sign a contract with Krediter. We should remember this because not every non-bank institution that grants loans in installments gives such an opportunity. The more profitable it will be for us to get acquainted with the details of the offer that Krie Credit offers.