Would you like to borrow 1000 Euros spontaneously? Do you want an uncomplicated, low-interest installment loan with fast payout and manageable term? Would 24 months be appropriate?

Please always compare, even with very small credit. 1000 euros loan amount is not much money. Nevertheless, it does not pay to simply leave small loan requests to the expensive dispo.

1000 Euro credit – lowest-interest financing offer

1000 Euro credit - lowest-interest financing offer

The credit comparison, the small installment loan with a short term, is headed by Bankate. 12 months to a maximum of 36 months would be appropriate for very small loan. Santander offers 1000 euro with a maturity of 2 years at a credit-worthy annual percentage rate of 2.48 percent. 2/3 of the borrowers pay 2.69 percent APR for 1000 Euro loan.

If paid in 24 monthly installments, the representative credit example shows 42.83 euros per month in installment payments. At the end of the term would be balanced the loan, 1000 euros net loan amount – 2 years term, after a total payment of 1027.92 euros. From the repayment sum to calculate easily 27.92 euro financing costs.

Practical for the modern loan application are the application options. In addition to the classic loan application by post ID and letter Santander also offers Videoident and the upload of the documents to be submitted. If these application options are used, the desired microcredit can be paid out within 48 hours.

Credit tip – Credit problems despite small loan amount

Credit tip - Credit problems despite small loan amount

With very little credit, the personal credit rating hardly seems to matter. But this subjective impression is deceptive. No bank, irrespective of the loan amount, may waive proof of sufficient creditworthiness for lending.

The credit check as well as a result, which makes a loan approval possible, determine legal requirements. A credible alternative to bank credit is the loan brokerage of funds from private investors.

Uncomplicated microcredit despite independence

Uncomplicated microcredit despite independence

In the early days of self-employment entrepreneurs find it difficult to provide a sufficiently qualified proof of income. For many self-employed persons, the statutory credit check effectively invalidates their creditworthiness. High credit risk, probable credit default, that is the credit rating. – Unfortunately, even with very little credit. 1000 Euro microcredit still possible.

Private investors, such as those who could be approached via trucredit for a small loan, are not required by law to conduct a credit check. In the credit comparison trucredit offers 1000 Euro credit – 24 months duration – from 4.35 percent to 16.93 percent APR. Eligible borrowers are employed employees and self-employed workers.

The expected financing costs again show the representative example of credit in a realistic manner. 2/3 of all borrowers pay 12.10 percent APR for 1000 Euro microcredit via trucredit. Monthly “statistical average borrowers” pay 46.83 euros in installment. At 24 months, the total repayment adds up to 1123.91 euros. The pure credit costs are 123.91 euros.

1000 Euro credit of QueryBank

1000 Euro credit of QueryBank

The QueryBank, better known to many as the “Quelle Bank” (today a subsidiary of Dunwers Bank), not only finances large loan requests. Eligible is also very small loan. 1000 Euro net loan to 65000 loan amount loud the current loan offer in the credit comparison. From 2.90 percent to 7.80 percent APR, is the credit-based interest requirement for financing.

According to a representative loan example, the bank finances 1,000 euros of credit, with a 24-month maturity, at an APR of 3.99 percent. Monthly, the average borrower pays a rate of 43.39 euros. At the end of the two-year term, the loan is settled by a total repayment of 1041.33. Only 41.33 euro borrowing costs allowed the bank to earn 1000 euro microcredit.

As special conditions, QueryBank grants a low interest rate guarantee. Borrowers who receive 1000 Euro credit from another provider at a lower interest rate within four weeks may return their loan free of charge. You also receive a 50 Euro bonus.